Tippecanoe School Corporation

Student Handbook


Indiana law mandates compulsory attendance as stated in Indiana Code 20-33-2. Any student who demonstrates excessive absences/tardies and is in violation of the stated school attendance policy will be referred to Truancy Mediation. Truancy Mediation will determine what court action is warranted. In the event of an absence please call the school (463-5505 ext. 1603) by 10:00 a.m. Please examine the TSC attendance policy received at registration for further information regarding school attendance.

Bus Information

Bus transportation is provided for all students attending Klondike Elementary. Students must ride their assigned bus unless special permission is granted by the principal. A note from the parent must be brought to the school office before a bus transfer will be issued. If a bus is loaded to capacity, transfer requests may be denied. Each student should receive a copy of “School Bus Discipline” from their bus driver at the beginning of the school year. A copy of the policy is also available from the TSC Transportation Department.


All early dismissals and closings are announced on the local radio and TV stations as well as the TSC website (www.tsc.k12.in.us). Please listen for the Tippecanoe School Corporation, the district in which Klondike is located.

Car Rider Procedures

Morning Procedures

Students arriving by car should arrive no earlier than 8:45 a.m. Vehicles dropping students off will pull up as far as possible in the lane closest to the curb. Children will get out of the car on the passenger side of the vehicle. Vehicles which are parking should use the lane to the left of the cones and drive through to one of the designated parking areas. Only parents wishing to walk with their child from the parking lot should use the parking lot to drop off. Children should never be dropped off along Klondike Road or the parking area alone for any reason. Students arriving after announcements should report to the office with an adult to be signed in. A pass will be issued to the student to give to the teacher.

Afternoon Procedures

After school, parents may park in the parking lot and meet their child at the Big K or the flagpole. Parents may also choose to pick up students on the left side of the no parking cones. Our child care busses use the no parking area to pick up and drop off students.

Child Care Before/After School

Wonderful Weekdays provides childcare before and after school in the Lower Gym on a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay. Call 743-9374 or visit http://wonderfulweekdays.weebly.com/ for more information.


Klondike Elementary School uses a school wide discipline plan to address everyday classroom disruptions in an effective manner. Positive reinforcement is used in an effort to prevent discipline problems. However, there are times when students make poor choices and consequences are enforced. When a student has exhausted the classroom teacher’s discipline plan he or she may be sent to the principal’s office.

When a child is sent to the office for disciplinary reasons, the following steps are generally taken:

First Visit: Warning

Second Visit: Isolated Instruction* - half day

Third Visit: Isolated Instruction - full day

Assistant Principal-Teacher-Parent meeting to develop a behavior plan

Fourth Visit: Suspension**- one day

Fifth Visit: Suspension - two days

These are the general guidelines and are subject to revision by the principal or assistant principal depending upon the severity of the child’s behavior.

*Isolated Instruction requires the student to sit silently at an office carrel and work. Teacher should provide appropriate academic material for isolated instruction. The student is allowed to request restroom use once each half day. The child will eat at a different time than his/her peers. If the child has a question, he/she may raise his/her hand and an adult will respond when time permits.

**Out-of School Suspension is the parent’s responsibility.

Early Arrival/Admission To The Building

Please do not drop off children prior to 8:45 a.m. You may contact Wonderful Weekdays (743-9374) if you need supervision for your child before or after school.


Items brought from home are the owner’s responsibility and must have prior approval by the classroom teacher. The school cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft, or breakage. Consideration needs to be taken before sending valuable merchandise. Any electronic device that can be used for telecommunication cannot be utilized during school hours.

Field Trips

Klondike teachers plan exciting field trips every year that serve as an extension of the classroom and relate to the academic studies taking place at each grade level. Permission for all field trips is requested at registration, but notifications will be sent home before each field trip to inform parents of the upcoming trip. Fees may be charged to pay for the field trip and scholarships are always available for any student who may not be able to afford the cost. Frequently, chaperones may be requested to assist with the field trip. It is not permitted for chaperones to bring other children as their primary responsibility on the field trip is to assist in ensuring the safety of all Klondike students on the field trip. Parents may follow the bus but may not drive their child to the trip. They may take their child home after notifying the classroom teacher.

Free or Reduced Meals and Book Rental Fees

Applications requesting free or reduced breakfast and lunch and book rental fees must be completed online and can be found at www.tsc.k12.in.us. Please refer all questions regarding these applications to the KES Cafeteria or TSC Food Service at 765-474-2481.

GLASS (Greater Lafayette Area Special Services)

Greater Lafayette Area Special Services (GLASS) conducts a yearly search for all children with disabilities from birth through age twenty-one. The purpose of the search is to ensure that every child with a disability, who resides within Tippecanoe County, is receiving the special education and related services that are his or her right under state and federal law. If you are aware of any child suspected of having a disability, regardless of the severity, please contact the GLASS office (765-771-6006) or your school principal for information regarding referral procedures.

GLASS is a cooperative effort sponsored by Lafayette School Corporation, Tippecanoe School Corporation, and West Lafayette Community School Corporation. The GLASS office is located at 2300 Cason St., Lafayette, IN 47904.

Golden Rules

At Klondike Elementary School, students follow the Golden Rules.

  1. We are responsible.
  2. We are cooperative.
  3. We are respectful.
  4. We do what’s right.
  5. We do our best.


SEXUAL HARASSMENT- Tippecanoe School Corporation prohibits sexual harassment of and by students and employees. A copy of the specific policy language (Policy 3362 and 4353) is available in each school office.

STUDENT ANTI-HAZING -Hazing activities of any type are inconsistent with the educational process. All such activities are prohibited at any time in school facilities, on school property, and at any corporation-sponsored event.

Hazing is defined for purposes of this policy as performing any act, or coercing another person to perform any act of initiation into any class, group, or organization that causes or creates a risk (mental, emotional, or physical harm). Permission, consent, or assumption of risk by an individual subjected to hazing shall not exempt this policy.

All employees of the Corporation should be particularly alert to possible situations, circumstances, or events which might include hazing. If hazing or planned hazing is discovered, the students involved shall be informed of the prohibitions contained in this policy and shall be ordered to stop such behavior. All hazing incidents shall be reported immediately to the Superintendent.

The Superintendent shall distribute this policy to all students and Corporation employees, and shall incorporate it into building, staff, and student handbooks. It also shall be the subject of discussion at employee staff meetings or in-service programs.

STUDENT HARASSMENT- Harassment of a student(s) by other students or any member of the staff is incompatible with a physically and psychologically safe environment in which to learn. Harassment shall include any speech or action that creates a hostile, or offensive learning environment.

The Superintendent will ensure that the Student Code of Conduct contains language prohibiting any form of sexual harassment and any use of racial, religious, or ethnic verbal or physical harassment. Administrative guidelines will provide a means for a student to report harassment from a student, staff member or school visitor, to avoid embarrassment to the student and protect the confidentiality of the student when possible.

All such reports are to be investigated by the Superintendent promptly. Anyone who violates this policy and/or the Code of Conduct shall be subject to disciplinary action. Due Process rights shall be ensured (Policy 5611).

Helpful Phone Numbers

Tippecanoe School Corporation 765-474-2481

Klondike Middle School 765-463-2544

Harrison High School 765-463-3511


In support of Tippecanoe School Corporation's mission of maintaining the highest professional standards, honesty will be expected at all levels. Cheating is unacceptable. Each faculty handbook, student handbook, and course syllabus shall convey an attitude and expectation that emphasizes personal honesty. Each school shall identify actions to ensure honesty. Failure to maintain this standard shall result in disciplinary action which may include dismissal, suspension or expulsion.

Indiana Academic Standards

The Indiana Academic Standards serve as a guide for all instruction that takes place at Klondike Elementary School. The standards for each grade level and subject area can be found on the Indiana Department of Education’s website, located at: http://www.doe.in.gov/standards.

Information Systems, Computer Networks, and the Internet

Tippecanoe School Corporation provides a comprehensive and well rounded educational experience for all students. Students use computer networks, information systems, and the Internet as part of the standard curriculum. An Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), adopted by the Board of School Trustees, guides the use of these networks and is available on the district website (www.tscschools.net ).

IREAD-3 Testing

All third grade students in Indiana are required to take and pass the third grade reading test known as IREAD-3 prior to being promoted to 4th grade. The dates of administration are determined by the state of Indiana and will be publicized through the KES weekly newsletter.

Klondike Elementary School Mission Statement

At Klondike Elementary School, we believe all children can and will learn. We are a community of lifelong learners who embrace change, respect diversity, accept personal responsibility, and pursue a sense of fulfillment.

Late Arrival/Tardiness

Students arriving after the start of school are considered tardy. Parents should come to the office to sign him/her in for the day and to pick up a pass which is required for late admission to class.

Lunch and Breakfast Program

The cost of lunch is $1.90, the cost of breakfast $1.15. Soda pop is not permitted with a school lunch (not the cafeteria lunch or one brought from home). Fast food is not permitted in the cafeteria. Lunches may be purchased at any time. Many families use a weekly, monthly or even longer payment schedule. My School Bucks is an online payment system available to families for no cost, but does require a minimum $5.00 payment. A link is contained on the TSC website and parents using My School Bucks may view student balances and purchases at anytime. A student may charge the equivalent of three meals before he/she will be given a courtesy lunch of cheese sandwich and milk. Negative balance letters are emailed and sent home with students for parents who do not have email on a daily basis. Parents may also contact the cafeteria with any questions regarding their child's account.

Please take a moment to discuss the cafeteria rules with your child. The basic rules of the cafeteria are:

1. Follow directions.

2. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

3. Stay in your seat.

4. Be courteous. Use good manners.

5. Do not trade food.

Media Center Procedures

Every child may check out materials from the Media Center if they do not have any overdue/lost books. Books are due one week after being checked out. Kindergarten children may check out one book weekly after the first grading period. First and second graders may borrow two books weekly. Third, fourth, and fifth graders may borrow three books each week. Books may be returned and exchanged before they are due. Children may come to the library to exchange books with their teacher’s permission. If a book is damaged or lost, it is the responsibility of the parents to pay the replacement price of the book. Checks made out to Klondike will be held in the library for one month. If the book is returned before then, the check will be returned.

Medical/Health Services


According to Indiana Code 20-8.1-7-10.1(c) (1) When a student enrolls for the first time in a school corporation, a statement of the student’s immunizations which shows that the student has received at least the minimum number of immunizations for the student’s age will be supplied to the school by a parent or guardian. A student may not be permitted to attend school beyond the first day of school unless the school has authorized a twenty day waiver. Upon completion of the twenty days the student will be excluded from school if the immunizations remain incomplete.


The following guidelines have been established regarding medications at school:

• All prescription and over-the-counter medication must be FDA approved and will be kept in the school office, unless a student has written physician permission to possess and self-administer the medication according to IC 20-8.1-5.1-7.5.

• Written instructions from the parent/guardian are required for all prescription and OTC medications. The instructions must include: name of medication, reason for medication, amount to administer, and time to be administered. OTC medication amounts must be age appropriate per product label, and may not be given more frequently than stated on label except with physician prescription.

• Pharmacy and OTC medications must be in the original container affixed with a current pharmacy or package label.

• Medication ordered three times a day or less should be given before and after school and at bedtime. Prescription medication with a specific time ordered that is during school hours will be given as directed.

• Medications must be picked up in the school office, and will be released to the parent or a designee who is at least 18 years old with written permission from the parent.


The corporation physician provides standing orders for health care for TSC students. The following medications and supplies are being used as first aid measures within TSC schools: Contact lens solution, eye irrigations, topical antiseptics, topical analgesics, throat lozenges, band aids, bandages, elastic wraps, heating pads, and ice packs. Diphenhydramine (an oral antihistamine) may be used for severe allergic reactions. It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to notify the school if they prefer that these products not be used when treating their child.


Students with vomiting, diarrhea, undiagnosed skin rashes, eye infections, or fever over 100º should not attend school. Students should not return to school until symptoms have resolved, or are fever free for 24 hours. Students being treated with antibiotic medications should receive the medication for 24 hours before returning to school. Students will be sent home from school with temperatures over 100º, vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes, eye infections, or other symptoms of illness.


Vision screening is done with all students in grades K, 1, 3, 5, and 8.

Hearing screenings are completed with grades 1, 4, 7, and 10.

Postural or Scoliosis screenings are conducted with students in grades 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9.

Parents or guardians will be notified by a referral letter if a concern is identified during the screening process. Referrals are based upon Indiana State referral recommendations. Further medical evaluation should be obtained. Questions regarding these procedures should be directed to your child’s school nurse.

Parent Teacher Organization

The Parent Teacher Organization is an integral part of Klondike Elementary School. Every parent and teacher is automatically a member and is encouraged to donate time helping with activities of his/her choice. Volunteer opportunities are numerous!


Plagiarism, as defined by the Random House Dictionary, is "to steal (the language, ideas, or thoughts) from (another) representing them as one's own original work." Intentional or not, when a student fails to acknowledge the source of words and ideas that are not his or her own, the result is plagiarism, that is, theft. It is also cheating. Plagiarism is not tolerated in the Tippecanoe School Corporation. Thus, the penalties for plagiarism are both disciplinary and academic and they progress in severity.

Playground Rules

  1. Quiet in hallway. There are classes in progress.
  2. Show respect for equipment, other students, and for adults on the playground.
  3. Foul language, spitting, bullying, fighting, or rough play will not be tolerated.
  4. Use playground equipment appropriately. (no pushing people off equipment; go down the slides, not up. No chasing or playing tag on equipment.)
  5. Jackets brought out will be worn on your body.
  6. Rainy days - blacktop only. Avoid mud and puddles. No balls allowed on blacktop-only days.
  7. Snow and ice - play on blacktop only, unless you have boots.
  8. No throwing or sliding on snow and ice.
  9. When whistle sounds, line up, quiet down, and get ready to enter the building in an orderly fashion.
  10. Students may only stay in from recess when supervisors are informed by a note from the teacher.

Procedures for Comments and Threats of Violence

Klondike Elementary School is proactive in dealing with comments and threats of violence. The school administration and staff adopt the approach that it is better to err on the side of caution than to risk any of our youngsters being put in harm's way. Any student comment about killing, use of violent weapons, etc. will be taken seriously. Any school employee who hears a student make a statement about violence will report it to one of the principals immediately. Principals will document the threat/comment and follow through appropriately. The We-Tip hotline is available to anyone who witnesses illegal activity that threatens our school or community. The phone number for this hotline is 1-800-782-7463. All calls are handled anonymously and reports may also be made online at www.wetip.com. Keeping Klondike Elementary School a safe learning environment is part of our school mission, which we take seriously.

Report Cards

Elementary Schools in the Tippecanoe School Corporation have four reporting periods. Each reporting period lasts approximately 9 weeks.

School Information

Klondike Elementary School

3311 Klondike Road

West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

Ph. 765-463-5505

Fax. 765-497-0023


Seclusion or Restraint

A student will not be subject to seclusion or restraint unless the student's behavior poses an imminent risk of injury to the student or others. However, significant violations of the law, including assaults on students and staff, will be reported to the police. As soon as possible after any use of seclusion or restraint, the student's parent or guardian will be informed and provided with a detailed account of the incident, including the circumstances that led to the use of seclusion or restraint.

Sign Out Procedure

Parents/Guardians should sign children out for the day when taking a student from the building prior to dismissal.

Speech and Hearing Screening

New students, including kindergarten students, and students who have received direct or indirect services from a speech clinician, are screened at the beginning of the school year. Students who enter Klondike later in the year are screened within a month after entering. Children may be screened for problems, but may not be evaluated or enrolled in a speech group without parental permission.

Student Dress and Appearance

Appropriate dress and grooming should be the responsibility of students and their parents. If a manner of dress, grooming, and/or appearance disrupts the normal education process, or presents a physical hazard, school administrators shall take necessary action to correct the situation. Hats or head coverings are not permitted during school hours unless approved by the administration. There shall be adequate coverage of the body. Tube tops, spandex, and/or bare midriffs are prohibited. Dresses, skirts, or shorts must be of moderate length. Clothing items (or wording or picture upon same), which in the opinion of the principal or designee tend to disrupt the educational atmosphere are not permitted.

Title I

Klondike Elementary offers a supplemental academic program for students who are selected to participate. Students in grades K-5 are assessed periodically throughout the year and those who qualify receive additional instruction. KES receives Title I funding to support this instructional program. More information is available on the KES website by clicking on the Title I link.