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Positive Behavior Plan

The Golden Rules

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Klondike Elementary students follow the Golden Rules for positive behavior. All students make good choices by showing:

  1. We are responsible.
  2. We are cooperative.
  3. We are respectful.
  4. We do what’s right (show integrity).
  5. We do our best (perseverance).

Positive Consequences:

  1. Students can earn “Good as Gold” tickets from any staff member. If a student is caught doing something out of the ordinary, he/she will receive the ticket.
  2. One student every week will receive a classroom “Nugget Reward.” The Nugget winner will take his/her slip to the office to choose something from the Klondike Treasure Box. The class Nugget winner will also have his/her name printed in the following week’s Nugget Newsletter!
  3. Classrooms also have their own daily and/or weekly reward systems.

Negative Consequences:

Each teacher has a Pocket Chart displayed in his/her classroom. These charts are a visual accounting system of the daily behavior of each child. Each child has a spot on the chart with 6 colored cards. Every morning, each child will start the day with a BLUE card. Cards can be moved for not following any of the five Golden Rules.

  • First offense – green: Verbal warning
  • Second offense – yellow: Loss of recess time (varies by grade)
  • Third offense – orange: Loss of recess time (varies by grade)
  • Fourth offense – red: Lose entire recess and call parents or guardians.
  • Fifth offense – gray: Official Office visit

Students may also be sent directly to the office in the event of a serious offense.


Each classroom has a clipboard with a class roster and discipline forms. This clipboard will travel with the class to lunch, recess, and all specials. This will be used as a behavior tracking device along with the visual classroom chart.


The adults at Klondike Elementary will be wearing lanyards that contain “Good as Gold” tickets to reward excellent behavior, and “Gray Slips” to be used when a student is in violation of the Golden Rules (a gray ticket will result in the turning of a card).

Each child will record his/her behavior daily by using the communication method chosen by the classroom teacher.