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Positive Behavior Plan

The Golden Rules

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Klondike Elementary students follow the Golden Rules for positive behavior. All students make good choices by showing:

  1. We are responsible.
  2. We are cooperative.
  3. We are respectful.
  4. We do what’s right (show integrity).
  5. We do our best (perseverance).

Each month these expectations are taught and modeled for the students.  Classroom teachers keep track of student behavior each day in the classroom, lunch, recesses, and in Specials.  Teachers use this information to determine if any of the behavior expectations need further instruction for the class. 

Positive Consequences:

  • Good As Gold tickets 
  • Weekly classroom Nugget Award winners 
  • Cooperative classroom-based incentives 
  • Quarterly schoolwide Golden Ticket Jamboree 
  • Regular positive contacts home 

Negative Consequences:

Unexpected negative behaviors will be recorded as “Corrections” on the clipboard by the supervising teacher under the Golden rule that connects to the behavior.  

  • Teachers will use strategies and logical consequences to address behavior and assist students in growing from the correction. 
  • Students with 2 or more corrections for a day will receive a call, email, or note home to let parents know about the behaviors. 
  • Students with 5 or more corrections for the day can lead to Office Discipline Referral.
  • Students who need additional assistance with their behavior will move to a Tier II or Tier III behavior program.