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Teachers decorate bathrooms to inspire
Teachers decorate bathrooms to inspire

Many schools have encouraging messages in the hallways and classrooms. Klondike Elementary has added them to an unexpected location -- the restrooms. Assistant Principal Marisa Arms says several teachers were inspired by Warren Middle School in Forney, Texas. At that school, the staff decorated the restrooms with positive messages to help students who struggle with body image and self worth.

Art teacher Kelli Waggoner says before school started, the staff came together and chose several uplifting, affirming quotes. Some picked up a paint brush and created the messages on the stall doors, while others used colorful sticker decals. The messages include "Don't be afraid to sparkle," "If you can be anything, be kind," and "Create your own sunshine."

Arms says the response has been positive. "Many students and staff members have expressed their support of the artwork," says Arms. "They can see how prominently displaying words of encouragement throughout the school, even in unexpected places, has a positive impact on our school culture."