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Klondike students work to restore butterfly habitats
Sue Scott

Students at Klondike Elementary School are doing their part to help the monarch butterfly population in our area. Two first grade classes created “Butterfly Savers” to raise money to buy milkweed plants for local parks.

“We are trying to save monarch butterflies,” says student Sasha Schlueter. “They were running out of milkweed to lay their eggs on and for the caterpillar to eat.”

The classes collected donations from students and staff members for one week. Anyone making a donation received a tissue paper butterfly.

“I loved being able to watch the students’ passion as each part of the project was completed,” says teacher Emily Cernick. “They enjoyed real world applications of the project, such as creating a commercial and making posters to advertise Butterfly Savers.”

Teacher Susan Scanlon says by the end of the week, Butterfly Savers raised more than $400: “We are thankful for the support of our Klondike community. Each morning, children excitedly presented their money, eager to make a difference.”

The classes will present their money to Naturalist Mary Cutler, with the Tippecanoe County Parks and Recreation Department.

“The project is important to save the butterflies - Monarchs,” adds student Lily Everett. “We need to get money to buy milkweed so that the Monarch population does not decrease anymore.”

In the spring, the two classes will join Cutler to plant new milkweed plants at local parks.

Students collect donations outside the classroom
Klondike students donate to the project