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Klondike puts a new twist on science fair
Sue Scott

Klondike seventh grader Kyden Red Elk says it’s his responsibility to feed the dog, and sometimes he forgets. Making this chore easier for him was the motivation behind his STEM Expo project with classmate Brady Shepard. Klondike Middle School science teachers challenged seventh and eighth grade students to identify a problem and follow engineering design processes to develop solutions.

Kyden and Brady used some plywood, a pipe, cardboard and tape to create a dog food dispenser. “When the dog gets the food, more dog food will come through the pipe making it easier for people to sit back and relax,” says Kyden.

“This was a struggle for us because our first idea didn’t work,” says Brady. “The project isn’t like how we pictured it, but it still works.”

Seventh grader Lauren Beck and her partner Kennedi Pratt developed a portable yarn organizer. 

The girls used cardboard, wooden sticks, hot glue and other materials to create the organizer. Kennedi says their invention solved the problem of materials getting tangled, but it turned out different than expected: “It does make a pretty good organizer, but it’s not very easy to transport. But, the wooden pegs and crochet hook holder work great.”

Eighth grader Kenzie Edmisten, who participates in softball, dance and cheer, designed a brace to address a weakness in her leg. “Braces are expensive and uncomfortable,” says Kenzie. “My goal was to make a brace that is comfortable and made with recyclable materials to keep costs down.”

Kenzie used chicken wire, fabric, Velcro and other supplies to try to come up with the best solution. After several changes, she felt good about her prototype. “I was able to make a brace that covers all my goals for this project,” Kenzie says. “After checking the prices of the materials I used, the brace was only around $40.63. The brace was also comparable and easy to walk in.”

Teachers say the STEM Expo was a great way to engage students and showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills.


STEM dog feeder
Students show project at STEM Expo
Kenzie Edmisten shows her STEM project
Students looking at STEM projects