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Klondike eighth graders create gift for future intermediate school
Sue Scott

The Class of 2028 is leaving its mark on the building where they attended middle school that will last beyond planned renovations. The eighth graders created a mural to be installed in the building once it’s converted into an intermediate school.

The student artwork features a colorful rainbow that leads to a pot of gold and the phrase “Once a Nugget, always a Nugget.” The names of the eighth graders are printed on each lump of gold.

A student committee, with the help of a few teachers, designed and painted the mural after school. Committee member Annabel Beever says she hopes the mural inspires students: “I hope it encourages them to stick together.”

“I hope they look at it and understand this is one big family,” adds student Merrin Hoppenjans. “Even when you move away, you are still a Klondike Nugget.” 

“The mural is a very thoughtful gift and will be a symbol of school pride for future generations,” says Klondike Elementary School Principal Scott Peters.

Both Annabelle and Merrin started as kindergarten students at Klondike Elementary School, continued on at Klondike Middle School and are now moving on to Harrison High School.

“It’s bittersweet,” says Annabelle. “The new school and improvements will be great, but when we graduate high school and come back to walk these halls, it won’t be the same.”

KMS students make presentation of gift to Principal Peters
Students with class gift