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School safety message

School safety is a community commitment. If you see something, say something.

KES Teacher Awarded Public Schools Foundation Grant

Ms. Ashlia Wisma was awarded a grant from the Public Schools Foundation of Tippecanoe County. This grant will provide valuable resources to KES students. A special thank you to Ms. Nurit Harash-Kantor who helped provide support and guidance during the grant proposal phase.

Zero the Hero comes to Klondike!

Zero the Hero visited kindergarten and first grade classrooms during math time! Zero the Hero practiced math concepts with the students by counting and learning about place value. Our kindergarten students learned about groups of ten, while our first graders reinforced place value with discussions about the ones and tens place!

Test of TSC alert system

Winter is on the way. TSC will test its new alert system on Tuesday, October 24 to make sure families are correctly signed up to receive school delays and cancellations.

Fourth Grade Egg Drop

Fourth grade students worked hard in teams as part of an engineering design challenge to create a device to protect an egg. Students watched as Mr. Peters and Mrs. Arms launched the devices from the KES roof and were eager to determine if their egg survived.

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