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Welcome to Klondike Elementary School

Klondike Elementary School in West Lafayette, Indiana, serves 965 students in Kindergarten through Grade 5. Located near Purdue University, Klondike benefits from the rich diversity of the global community with students from 36 different countries in attendance. Klondike Elementary School operates a
school-wide Title I program to provide students with extra assistance in reading and math. Klondike provides a caring, safe, and encouraging
environment that is conducive to student learning. At Klondike Elementary School, we believe all children can and will learn. We are a community of lifelong learners who embrace change, respect diversity, accept personal responsibility, and pursue a sense of fulfillment.


The Vision Statement was developed by all educators, all students, and members of the community and is reviewed and updated annually. The foundation of the statement identifies the core convictions upon which this school improvement plan is built and answers the question, "What do our students deserve in order to be successful learners, responsible citizens, and productive members of a global economy?" The second part of the vision statement describes ideal adults who are striving to provide students with the things they deserve in order to achieve at a rigorous level. The third part of the vision statement describes ideal students in a school and community where adults live by their convictions. The last part of the vision statement includes ideal data that represent the community's dreams. This lofty data serves as the focal point for the remainder of the school improvement plan and requires the school and community to work toward every student succeeding at a high level.

We believe all students deserve: a safe environment. Students will have their basic life needs (e.g. shelter, nutrition, hygiene, healthcare, etc.) met. We believe students will have a supportive family and structure in their lives. They should be welcomed and accepted at both home and school. We believe that students should be respected by their peers and adults. They will be appreciated for their unique gifts and talents. Students will believe in themselves and have a voice in matters that impact their lives. To be successful, to continue their education, to be loved, and to be fairly disciplined are all rights which our students will have.

At school, students will have a rigorous academic program and opportunities to thrive. They will have opportunities to engage in extracurricular programs. Students will have the chance to demonstrate leadership. Consistency is a critical part of their environment along with high expectations. Students are unique and will be treated with equality which means that their individual needs may be met differently. All students will have individualized instruction and personalized attention from their teachers every day. Students will have opportunities to practice their learning, receive feedback, and correct their mistakes. They will have an instructional setting that fosters critical and creative thinking. Students will learn about technology and its application in their lives. Compassionate teachers, who are experts in pedagogy and content, are present in every classroom. Community volunteers will be involved in the school and assist students and teachers in the educational process. Students will have a learning environment that encourages them to reach past their comfort zone. All adults in our community are living by these core convictions daily and as a result, show the following attitudes and actions: They have discipline and stability in their own lives. Adults are tolerant and flexible. They demonstrate responsibility and operate with integrity. Adults have high expectations for themselves and each other. They collaborate and support one another. Adults are lifelong learners. They have strong communication skills and are problem solvers. Adults put students' needs first. They are responsible for providing students with basic needs. Adults create home environments that support school success. They provide a variety of experiences for students and are involved in the educational process. Adults support students emotionally. They are caring and compassionate. Adults are patient and have positive attitudes towards children. They provide strong models of what is expected. Adults have reasonable expectations and are aware that students must make mistakes and learn from them in order to succeed. They are consistent and provide students with clear expectations and consequences. Adults help students realize ways to achieve their highest potential.

In this environment where all adults are living by their core convictions, all students: are intrinsically motivated and driven to succeed. They are independent, self-confident, and resilient. Students show initiative, are naturally curious, and show drive to learn outside of school. They are caring, empathetic, and accepting. Students have a sense of right and wrong. They have respect for authority, self and peers. Students are cooperative and tolerant.

Students come to school well-rested, prepared, and ready to learn. They are well-nourished and healthy. Students are good citizens who are punctual and attend school regularly. They have background experiences that support their school learning. Students will have access to extracurricular learning opportunities as well as time for creative play. They are able to speak, read and write the academic language of school. Students have infinite capacity to learn. They are organized, eager, and have high expectations for themselves. Students are engaged and attentive. They are excited about learning. Students love school.


Literacy Instruction

Klondike Elementary implements a 90 minute reading block K-5. Each literacy block contains a mini-lesson, word work for K-2, vocabulary instruction, and time to read books at instructional and independent levels.

Mathematics Instruction

Klondike Elementary implements a minimum of a 60 minute math instructional block K-5. Teachers utilize the Ready Math textbook, supplemental materials, and technology based resources such as IXL, iReady, and Xtra Math.

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