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Klondike Hosts Purdue University SLED Workshop
Klondike Hosts Purdue University SLED Workshop

Klondike Elementary hosted teachers from across the state of Indiana for Purdue University's SLED Summer Workshop. Teachers in grades 3, 4, and 5 participated in a one-day training session to learn more about the SLED Program (Science Learning through Engineering Design) sponsored by the university. Purdue has partnered with several school districts across the state, including both Tippecanoe and Lafayette, to help integrate more engineering design-based learning into grades 3-6. Klondike and other schools across TSC had teachers attend the workshop. The teachers where able to work in teams to complete the design tasks presented for the different grade levels, and were given resources for implementing the program in their classrooms.

Klondike teachers Arielle Mucha, Jimmy Minogue, Lauri Mitchell, and Jessica Schenkel have been working with the SLED program for the past several years and presented during the workshop.

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